A Box of Mice

The concentration of fipronil in the bait boxes is 10 times less than that found in topical flea and tick control products used on household pets. The likelihood of coming into direct contact with the wick containing this low-concentration fipronil is very low, because it is encased in a child-resistant rodent bait box.


Fipronil is harmful if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or swallowed. Health effects from a brief exposure to fipronil depend on how someone is exposed to the chemical. Direct, short-term contact with skin can result in slight skin irritation. Signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to fipronil generally improve and clear up without treatment. It takes very little pesticide to control ticks on a small rodent, and the pesticide used in the bait box is an extremely low dose pesticide.

The concentration of fipronil on the wicks that the mice move through in the bait box is 0. The concentration of fipronil in the commonly used, veterinarian recommended, flea and tick control e. Therefore, the concentration of fipronil used in the bait boxes is 10 times less than the concentration found in commonly used topical flea and tick control products for household pets.

Eliminating the hosts is not practical. During a study in Dutchess County, New York, all rodents were removed from a one-acre plot, but it was an enormous task. And, after the study was concluded, the rodent population rebounded within two months. The white-footed mouse is by far the most important host for the Lyme disease bacterium. The eastern chipmunk and the meadow vole may also be important, and they are also treated by bait boxes.

The Magical Mouse Box

Deer do not carry the disease, but they are involved in the spread of ticks. They range over very large areas and can deposit deer ticks in your lawn that they picked up elsewhere. Where deer populations are high, so are deer tick numbers and the possibility for tick and deer mouse interactions. Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content. Bait Box Study Connecticut. Of Mice and Men is a play adapted from John Steinbeck 's novel of the same name. The production opened while the novel was still on best seller lists.

Kaufman was the top director in the country. George, an affable migrant farm worker, and Lennie, a towering simple-minded pleasantly humble young man, are the subjects. They are bound by George's devotion and Lennie's "pathetic helplessness". George's guardianship keeps Lennie out of trouble, but we soon see this is a slippery slope.

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Lennie's displays of love result in several deaths ranging from mice and puppies to a beautiful woman. Eventually, in the face of a lynch mob, George kills Lennie to put him out of his misery. Steinbeck adapted the play from the novel.

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Directed by George S. Chaney's performance in the role resulted in his casting in the movie. That means that we still get to enjoy some of the natural wildlife. We have lots of migratory birds, birds of prey and even a small herd of deer. But along with the good come the bad including raccoons, skunks, and MICE! Our first line of defense against mice in our house is Kiwi. Yes, you read that right Kiwi.

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Getting a house cat was the best thing we ever did to deal with mice coming into the house. Since Kiwi joined the family we have only seen one mouse in the house and it was quickly dispatched by our feline friend! Liz over at suburban tomato and I had a discussion the other day about dealing with mouse problems in the garden.

I told her about the magical mouse box and promised to post a few pictures. What makes our mouse boxes magical? Mice go in the box in droves but they never come out! Mice love dark places with small entries.

The Magical Mouse Box - Stoney Acres

All we have to do is keep the inside of the box well stocked with mouse traps and the rest takes care of itself. We are not much for chemicals in our family, so the commercially available poisons make me nervous. We are afraid to put out any poisons for fear that the chickens will eat them and die or even worse poison us through the eggs.

Just off-set the short sides and you will have a 2-inch hole on each side. Attach the sides to the bottom piece of plywood with some screws and use a simple hinge to attach the top. I put 4 mouse traps inside the box, two right by the entry holes. No need to bait the traps they will crawl over them to get in. I put the magical mouse box anywhere we have a mouse problem. Chicken coops are mouse magnets and so are compost bins.

We have two boxes one stays in the area around the coop and compost bin. The other gets moved around the yard as needed. They work just as advertised, catching tons of mice. Since we first put them out in the early fall we have caught 20 plus mice most by the chicken coop. The other day we noticed a mouse in the garage so I brought one box in and placed it close to where we had seen the mouse. The next morning he was history! My year-old son built both of ours out of scrap we had laying around. We maybe spent two dollars each on the materials and that includes the hinges.

It is a very simple and inexpensive solution to your mouse problems. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us that prefer non-chemical alternatives to pest control around our poultry and pets.

Bait Box Study (Connecticut)

I however have seen lots in the shed and garden. We also live on a half acre lot, with pasture land across the street so field mice are the norm here. So this is perfect, best part, I think I have all the supplies I need to build them.

Weasel Ambushes A Mouse Entering A Box Mousetrap I Purchased On Ebay

Thank you so much for sharing. Do you just throw away the box when you have caught the mice or are you supposed to put your hand in the box and clear the box of the dead mice and reuse the box? Of course you reused the box. The ones we have are 7 years old now and just going strong.

I fact you can reuse the traps too if you are okay getting rid of the mice. Not necessarily for catching mice, however we had to be creative in catch some raccoons without catch all the neighbors cats. We began baiting our traps with marshmallows. What kind of traps are you baiting for raccoons? I can see why marshmallows would be tempting, with the resemblance to eggs, but what are you using for traps?

We use a standard raccoon trap that we purchased from the feed store. It has a trap door on one side, with a pressure plate on the other. When then go across the plate, it triggers the door closed and they are trapped. We have caught lots of racoons and possums in these traps using cat food, which they love, but also several silly hens, who also love the cat food. I hot glue dog kibble to the trap. Nine times out of ten you get them with their mouth open on the kibble.