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Short Prose Genres: Defining Essay, Short Story, Commentary, Memoir, and Mixed Genre

What's the secret to great flash fiction? Are anthologies the most overlooked markets around? The answers may just jump-start your career.

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Every fiction writer has to write across gender lines. Many of those humans end up being women When I wanted to write an essay about my difficult relationship with my brother I had to figure out a way to make it interesting to other people so I turned to these 10 elements to keep the story rolling. Start your revision by addressing these, and you'll immediately change your story for the better. Put aside any thought of a little pink diary with Hello Kitty on the cover, secured by a lock that can be jimmied with a toothpick. Small-circulation publications are often overlooked, but they offer big perks to writers who are willing to reach out.

So how do you go about writing one? Fiction publishing creds are a great way to build your bio and propel your career. The most important thing when when understanding how to publish short stories is to follow the publisher's writing guidelines carefully.

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Here are some general rules. Is your manuscript stuck? Take a break from completing your fiction project and diagnose it.

Sometimes, the story can be completely made-up. Short stories may be literary, or they may conform to genre standards i. A short story is a work that the writer holds to be fiction i. A writer is inspired by a car explosion in his town. He writes a story based on the real explosion and set in a similar town, but showing the made-up experiences of his characters who may be partly based on real-life.

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Short Story Example two: A writer writes a story based on a made-up explosion, set in a made-up town, and showing the made-up experiences of his characters. What is a personal or narrative essay? What is an academic essay? A personal essay is a short work of nonfiction that is not academic that is, not a dissertation or scholarly exploration of criticism, etc. In a personal essay, the writer recounts his or her personal experiences or opinions. Sometimes the purpose of a personal essay is simply to entertain.

Some personal essays may cite other texts like books, stories, or poems , but the focus of the citation is not to make an academic point. A writer pens the story of his experience at the scene of a car explosion in his town.

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What is a commentary? The personal essay form and commentary may sometimes overlap, but it may be helpful to make some distinctions. A commentary is often very short a few hundred words and more journalistic in tone than a personal essay. It fits nicely as a column in a newspaper or on a personal blog. The writing can be more newsy than literary.

Some very short nonfiction pieces may be better suited to newspapers than to literary journals; however, literary magazines have been known to publish commentary-esque pieces that have a literary bent. A writer tells the story of a car explosion in his town to illustrate the point that the police are not vigilant enough about people throwing flaming marshmallows out their windows.

What is a memoir? Memoir generally refers to longer works of nonfiction, written from the perspective of the author. Memoir does not generally refer to short personal essays. A collection of interrelated personal essays may constitute a memoir. A writer composes a full-length book about his experiences after a car explosion in his town.

What is a nonfiction short story? Short stories are inherently fiction with or without real-life inspiration.

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Personal essays are not fictional. So what is mixed genre writing? Mixed genre writing is creative work that does not sit comfortably in any of the above genres. Mixed genre writing blends some elements of fiction with elements of nonfiction in a very deliberate way. Mixed Genre Example One: Is this a short story?

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If ninety percent of the story is true and ten percent is fiction, then what should the writer call this? Mixed Genre Example Two: A writer decides to compose a family history, using pictures and documents from her family albums. But sometimes her story veers into fiction. Again, is this an essay? If half of the story is made-up, but half is very obviously true, it might be best called mixed genre. Sometimes the term mixed genre is defined in terms of the novel or book.

A mixed genre novel might be a novel that mixes science fiction elements with characteristics of a legal thriller. Or a mixed genre novel might also be a work that plays fast and loose with fact and fiction. Mixed genre writing often has a kind of self-aware, almost tongue-in-cheek, element to it—a wink to the reader who is not fooled by the mixing of fiction and nonfiction, even if the lines are blurry.

Why is mixed genre writing so often self-referential? Writing mixed genre and passing it off as an essay or a short story could make editors think that you are trying to dupe them, so it helps to include something in the work that makes reference to itself as being a mixture of fact and fiction.

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Who is publishing mixed genre short prose? The primary markets for short prose are literary magazines and journals. For more information on how to find markets for your short prose, please read Researching Literary Markets for Your Work if you plan to research on your own. Photo by greeblie via Flickr http: Have you ever tackled a mixed genre piece?

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To make matters considerably more muddled, various creative magazines are preliminary to recognize what is frequently called blend categorization composing. In fact, it becomes easier to make the right progress once you generate the right results.