Human Viruses in Water: Perspectives in Medical Virology

All the authors have read and approve the submission of the manuscript. Balasubramanian, have been funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Program for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. Izola General Hospital to provide data on the number of infected patients with rotavirus and norovirus infections;.

Appendix A Supplementary data to this article can be found online at https: National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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Abstract This is the first surveillance study using methacrylate monolithic supports to concentrate environmental coastal water samples, prior to molecular target detection by RT-qPCR. Introduction Coastal areas are important climate change hotspots that are subjected to an increase of population and consequently an increase in economic activities that generate several environmental concerns Giorgi, ; de Sherbinin, Materials and methods 2.

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Table 1 Mean values of physicochemical data for each sampling time-point during the studied period July to June Correlations between enteric viruses, faecal coliforms and environmental parameters Associations between the presence of RoV and NoV with concentrations of FC were assessed by Sommers' D Rank association coefficient. Conclusion CIM C4 hydrophobic interaction columns paired with molecular detection by RT-qPCR are an efficient tool to monitor enteric viruses in coastal waters with different salinity concentrations and their use is reliable and consistent to perform long surveys.

Author's contributions Study concept: Competing interests We do not have competing interests. Footnotes Appendix A Supplementary data to this article can be found online at https: Supplementary data Supplementary material Click here to view. Seasonality of rotavirus infection in Ghana. Rotavirus occurrence in shellfish with low levels of E. Enhanced detection of pathogenic enteric viruses in coastal marine environment by concentration using methacrylate monolithic chromatographic supports paired with quantitative PCR.

  • Human Viruses in Water: Perspectives in Medical Virology - Albert Bosch - Google Книги.
  • Human Viruses in Water - Albert Bosch - Google Книги?
  • International Microbiology, Vol 11, No 1 (2008)!
  • Human Viruses in Water - Google Книги.
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Human Viruses in Water: Perspectives in Medical Virology. Human pathogenic viruses in the marine environment. Pathogens in the Marine Environment. Survival and transport of enteric viruses in the environment. New tools for the study and direct surveillance of viral pathogens in water. Detection of noroviruses in shellfish in the Netherlands.

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Characterizing relationships among fecal indicator bacteria, microbial source tracking markers, and associated waterborne pathogen occurrence in stream water and sediments in a mixed land use watershed. Sea-level rise impacts and responses: Coastal Hazards, Coastal Research Library. Development and application of a one-step low cost procedure to concentrate viruses from seawater samples. Viruses in Food and Water: Risks, Surveillance and Control.

Human and animal enteric caliciviruses in oysters from different coastal regions of the United States. Recent evolution of river discharges in the Gulf of Trieste and their potential response to climate changes and anthropogenic pressure. Assessment of human enteric viruses in shellfish from the northern Adriatic sea. The North Atlantic oscillation as a driver of rapid climate change in the northern hemisphere. Urban Water Reuse Handbook.

Turbulence observations in the Gulf of Trieste under moderate wind forcing and different water column stratification. Comparison of fecal indicators with pathogenic bacteria and rotavirus in groundwater. Fecal source tracking, the indicator paradigm, and managing water quality. Monitoring of fecal pollution in coastal waters by use of rapid enzymatic techniques. Enteric viruses of humans and animals in aquatic environments: Fecal coliform removal in wastewater treatment plants studied by plate counts and enzymatic methods.

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Failure of indicator bacteria to reflect the occurrence of enteroviruses in marine waters. Molecular detection of pathogens in water—the pros and cons of molecular techniques. Occurrence and distribution of bacteria indicators, chemical tracers and pathogenic vibrios in Singapore coastal waters. Evaluation of the distribution of fecal indicator bacteria in a river system depending on different types of land use in the southern watershed of the Baltic Sea.

Marine recreation and public health microbiology: Pathogenic human viruses in coastal waters.

Human Viruses in Water. Perspectives in Medical Virology, Volume 17 (Electronic book text)

Sensitive detection of multiple rotavirus genotypes with a single reverse transcription-real-time quantitative PCR assay. Detection and quantification of noroviruses in shellfish. Risk assessment of virus in drinking water. Molecular characterisation of noroviruses detected in mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis from harvesting areas in Slovenia.

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Climate change and waterborne and vector-borne disease. Concentration and recovery of viruses from water: Rapid and sensitive detection of noroviruses by using TaqMan-based one-step reverse transcription-PCR assays and application to naturally contaminated shellfish samples. Broadly reactive and highly sensitive assay for Norwalk-like viruses based on real-time quantitative reverse transcription-PCR. Preliminary Analysis Around a Sewage Outfall.

Viruses in the phytoreovirus genus of the Reoviridae family have the same conserved terminal sequences. Molecular identification and genetic analysis of norovirus genogroups I and II in water environments: Alternative fecal indicators and their empirical relationships with enteric viruses, Salmonella enterica , and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in surface waters of a tropical urban catchment. Two-year systematic study to assess norovirus contamination in oysters from commercial harvesting areas in the United Kingdom. Circulation in the Gulf of Trieste: Climatic circulation in the Gulf of Trieste northern Adriatic J.

Quantitative multi-year elucidation of fecal sources of waterborne pathogen contamination in the South Nation River basin using Bacteroidales microbial source tracking markers. The epidemiology of published norovirus outbreaks: Tracing of norovirus outbreak strains in mussels collected near sewage effluents.

Human Viruses in Water: Perspectives in Medical Virology by Albert Bosch (Hardback, 2007)

Detection, quantitation, and phylogenetic analysis of noroviruses in Japanese oysters. Fecal contamination of wastewater treatment plants in Portugal. This book will prove invaluable to all those concerned with issues relating to microbial water quality and health, including environmental and public health scientists, water scientists, policy makers and those responsible for developing standards and regulations.

The Global Burden of Disease study and applications in. Endemic and epidemic infectious intestinal disease and its. Excretarelated infections and the role of sanitation in the. Richard Carr with contributions from Martin Strauss. Quality audit and the assessment of waterborne risk.

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