Whispering Ice

Amulets Belts Rings Quivers. Body armours Boots Gloves Helmets Shields. Life Mana Hybrid Utility. Retrieved from " https: Unique items with legacy variants Unique Staves Items with alternate artwork. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 16 September , at Path of Exile content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Grinding Gear Games or its licensors. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. The Incantation The Incantation 4 The Whispering Ice When there is no other choice, even the meekest whisper can bring about the greatest storm.

The Siren The Siren 7 The Whispering Ice Corrupted At the beck and call of The Siren's hand, winter ravages the trembling land, and the weight of ice that binds will break the strongest of minds. However, Vigilant Strike require a much more precise targeting without Ancestral Call. How to off-color sockets? Using Vorici, keep adding a new socket and removing it until you get the color you want. Adding a socket doesn't change the colors of the existing sockets. Discipline, Arctic Armour, Herald of Ash. This build doesn't depend on flasks to function, so the choice is entirely up to you.

However, a Staunching flask is highly recommended for mapping. This is my everyday mapping set: Run around at high speed with Quicksilver flasks and Flame Dash. Use other flasks as needed. If they are not dead yet, pop Orb of Storms and cast more Icestorms. If they are nasty, hit something with Vigilant Strike to get a 12 sec Fortify and tank them. While tanking, move as little as possible. Arctic Armour and Tukohama only work while stationary. But dodge potential 1-shots unless you are confident that you can survive them. If you need to kill trash faster, you can swap Enfeeble for Flammability and trade a bit of safety for damage.

Another option is swapping Life Leech for Fire Penetration.

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This further increases clear speed while lowering you tankability. ONLY if you have the leech enchantment on your boots. And ONLY for trash clearing. Do not take Life Leech out of your boss setup. This is not a 'clear speed' build, it's a 'do everything' build. It's designed primarily for facerolling the endgame content. It can't use fast movement skills or do damage just by moving.

Are Whispering Ice builds still viable with instaleech gone? : pathofexile

But it can clear any maps with virtually any mods reasonably fast, very safely and without skipping or leaving any mobs behind. Constantly mapping in high tiers with massive item quantity and pack size eliminates the map drop issue, the pool of red maps always grows. This build can do any map mods and virtually any combinations of them. Or have a swap ring with a ton of extra resistances. Or just carry a couple of flasks like this one: My gear in this league is better than I usually have, thanks to an accidental 6-linking of the body armor and a lucky double corruption roll on the amulet.

These items are a massive overkill for everything except Uber Elder. All other bosses can be done easily with much cheaper gear. YoloMouse is a freeware utility approved by GGG. Posted by Kelvynn on Mar 2, , 8: Posted by cloudblade70 on Mar 2, , 8: Is this where we live now?

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I don't think I'll wind up using it as starter, but I'm definitely excited to try out this version. Posted by omniarcan on Mar 2, , 9: Leveling with the Whispering Ice is a blast. You can start using it as early as lv 33 with some inconvenience, or at lv 39 where it starts really kicking ass. Dweller of the Deep 'the Granddaddy crab' A1: The Marooned Mariner Fairgraves A Victario's Secrets platinum busts A4: An Indomitable Spirit Deshret A5: In Service to Science the Miasmeter A5: Kitava's Torments the Reliquary A6: The Cloven One Aberrath A6: The Puppet Mistress Ryslatha A7: Queen of Despair Gruthkul A7: Kishara's Star the Causeway A8: Love is Dead Tolman A8: Reflection of Terror Yugul A9: Queen of the Sands Shakari A9: The Ruler of Highgate Garukhan A Scion doesn't get any good leveling spells.

You need to get them before starting the character. You need Freezing Pulse. If this is your first character in a new league, just make a Witch first and kill Hillock, take Freezing Pulse as your reward, and stash it for your Scion together with Arcane Surge from the chest in Twilight Strand. Wear any self-found gear with Life and Armour. Start Your starting skill is Spectral Throw.

Use it to kill Hillock and throw it away. Take the gems stashed by the starting Witch. You will be using Freezing Pulse until lv Buy a Paua amulet from Nessa for mana regen. In the skill tree, go right and up: Buy Frost Bomb from Nessa and use it to kill bosses or tough trash faster. If you have a 3L, keep Arcane Surge too. Take Herald of Ice as your reward from Greust. Go West and kill Alira. Open the passage and claim your skill point reward from Bestel.

Take Concentrated Effect as your reward from Silk. Kill Oak and claim your skill point reward from Eramir. Lv 18 Start using Herald of Ice. Act 3 After completing the Crematorium quest, buy Discipline from Clarissa and start leveling it don't use it yet. Help Siosa in the Library. He will sell you any gems you need.

Don't bother with the Normal Lab yet. It's not easy with Freezing Pulse at this level, and Scion doesn't get anything important from it. Don't forget to free Deshret. Lv 33 If you already have the staff and are able to equip it, you can start using it already. Self-cast Icestorm is already very strong at this point, especially if you have a Fertile Mind jewel for the socket leading to the Duelist area.

Mana may be a bit tight, bring some mana flasks. Or you can continue with Freezing Pulse until lv Freezing Pulse becomes weak by lv with our tree, since we go with Int and fire damage nodes. You can switch to Firestorm buy it from Siosa and get it to lv with FP before switching until you get the staff. In this case you take the five spell damage nodes between Occultist's Dominion and the Witch start instead of the five nodes near Vaal Pact. You will refund them when you are ready to switch to Icestorm. And skip Avatar of Fire until then too. Put Fertile Mind into the socket between Scion and Duelist.

Int is very important for Icestorm. If you don't convert the Dex nodes to Int with Fertile Mind, your damage will be much lower than you'd like and you'll be about 6 levels behind the good schedule. Only SR - CwC need to be linked. No other links are needed see Sockets. If you have a 5S staff, add Concentrated Effect.

For 6S add Elemental Focus. Use Int rings with resists. Your damage and leech amount scales from Int. Cheap uniques good for leveling with WI: If you don't have any decent jewels to put into the sockets, skip those sockets until you do. You may need to upgrade some of your items usually rings to stay at max resists. This way you can switch to CI gear right there. As soon as you are able to use endgame gear, switch to CI: Do the Merciless lab take Ascendant Inquisitor. Head into the maps and work on the final tree: Posted by Kelvynn on Mar 2, , 9: Boss Guide Uber Lab Spoiler.

Video Each of the Guardians requires a special approach and flasks.

[3.2] Whispering Ice Ascendant vs The Shaper

I swap some of my flasks depending on the encounter. Tukohama is the minor power to have for all of them. They all deal a lot of physical damage partially converted to another element.

Hydra constantly moves and wants to attack from range. There are safe areas between those lines, after doing this fight a few times you should be able to find them easily. The balls also don't reach the opposite end of the arena, so there is more safe space at the very edge see what I mean in the video above. Every now and then the Hydra disappears and adds spawn. The adds drop small Vortexes where they die.

After 5 sec, Hydra re-appears in a random spot in the room and starts attacking again. Minotaur has 4 physical attacks: This is only used against targets outside of his melee range. There are several pairs of Tesla coils in the room. They activate as Minotaur takes damage and create lightning barriers that slow and shock you if you touch them. Small stone golem adds also spawn, helping to refill your flasks and trigger extra leech.

Phoenix deals physical damage with added fire damage similar to Anger. He has 2 attacks: These adds respawn 5 sec after getting killed. Small fire tornadoes also spawn and roam around randomly dealing fire damage.

Chimera does pure physical damage. He has 3 attacks: Frontal cone melee hit, causes bleeding. Circular AoE melee combo. None of that does enough damage to cause trouble for this build. With the final wave of each add phase, a mini-boss comes from the right gate. When the adds are dead, Chimera re-appears in the center of the room, attacks for sec, then disappear again, and smoke clouds fill the room.

Chimera hides in a random smoke cloud and must be found by running though that cloud. You get hit with his default melee attack every 1 sec until you find him. After dealing with them you can enter the portal to the Shaper's arena. Zana fights on your side there. You get to fight the Shaper 3 times: Killing the mini-boss opens a portal back to the arena.

The Shaper slowly regenerates life while you are getting back to him. He gains a new dangerous ability in each fight. The Shaper has 4 attacks: Preceded by a short animation. Targets your location at the start of the animation. Only used when he cannot hit you with melee, or when there is another target in the room i. Preceded by a slow animation. Targets your location in the middle of the animation. After each attack, the Shaper randomly decides to use another attack or do one of the special abilities: If they manage to get Zana to 0 hp, she goes to 'rest' at the bottom of the map for 30 sec.

They are the same exact projectiles as in the Barrage attack, but with a purple graphic. If Zana is not 'resting', she creates a red protective bubble in the middle of the arena to shield you from the projectiles. After firing the last nova, the Shaper immediately initiates his next attack from that random location which can be off-screen! This is the most dangerous moment of the fight. This ability is used only in the 2nd and 3rd fight. It is invulnerable and cannot be leeched from, but does much less damage than the Shaper himself.

This ability is used only in the 3rd fight. Balls of ice spawn randomly around the room. If they touch you, they turn into a Vortex on the ground that deals cold damage over time and chills. These balls spawn more frequently in the 2nd and 3rd fight. Video The map has 3 boss encounters, each preceded by a maze filled with trash and totems.

The trash consists of the Vaal Fallen slow moving melee dudes , Spark-casting skeletons, Chaos projectile-shooting Vaal Constructs, and fast moving snakes that cause bleeding. In the regular version of the map The Apex of Sacrifice everything is lv 70 and trivial and can be done with the regular mapping setup. There are two Vessels of the Vaal in the room. They are modified versions of the Act 2 and the Maze map boss Vaal Oversoul. Once activated, they can do 6 things: Go underground for 3 sec and possibly move to you. Shoot lasers 3 times in a row. Deals moderate Lightning damage and always shocks but you are immune to shock with Cyclopean Coil.

Shoot several Ball Lightnings in an arc formation. Deals small amount of Lightning damage at close range, but the damage increases significantly with distance reverse Point Blank. This is the single hardest hit in the game to my knowlegde. Only used in melee range. Cast a very concentrated Icestorm on you. Killing one Vaal makes the other one 'enrage': Enter the room, go straight to the right Vaal and stand near it for at least 5 sec.

This will ensure that the second Vaal will activate 5 sec after the first one, and you will have that extra time to kill the first one before dealing with the second one. When the first Vaal starts emerging from the black cloud, start casting Icestorms on it. The first Vaal will start summoning adds. Most of the time it will be dead within 5 sec. However, sometimes rarely it can go under before dying.

You won't need to worry about it either way, it will die quickly after it resurfaces. When the first Vaal starts taking damage, recast Orb of Storms and start casting Icestorm on the second Vaal. Pop the flasks again. It will also start by summoning adds, but since you didn't have 5 sec to pre-cast on it, it will not be dead within 5 sec.

After the add summoning sequence it will go under for 3 sec and re-surface near you. Pop a fresh Orb and start casting Icestorm on yourself it will also kill off the adds. When the Vaal emerges from the floor, pop Sapphire, Topaz, Sulphur and the Wise Oak and keep casting Icestorm, but look what's at the end of the appendage that points at you: Ignore it, keep casting.

This is either the Vaal Smash 1-shot attack or the concentrated Icestorm you won't be able to see it because of your own Icestorms but your ES will start going down. There are 3 mini-bosses standing in the left corner of the room. A'alai 'the Archer bitch' deals pure physical damage. Most of the time she uses Rain of Arrows, but sometimes casts a very dangerous 'Rain of Spikes' which is actually Firestorm with physical damage instead of fire and a different graphic.

Y'ara'az 'the Dual Striker' uses Dual Strike physical damage. Every 15 sec buffs himself for 5 sec with Fire Enrage: He also drops red colored patches of Desecrated ground that deal chaos damage over time. When A'alai or Y'ara'az dies, adds start spawning from their corpse 'whip' and 'machine gun' demons.

After killing 2 bosses, the last remaining boss grows in size and starts using much more dangerous versions of their abilities. Enter the room, walk up to the pillar above you it's just outside the boss trigger radius and pre-cast Icestorms on the archer for 6 sec, cast Orb of Storms and step forward to activate the bosses. Kill the Archer first. Watch what she is doing. Dodge the other 2 bosses and keep casting on the archer until she is dead. The Dual Striker should be the 2nd to die. Lure him to some corner, pop Ruby flask and tank him, hit him with VS to get Fortify.

Once the Dual Striker is dead, get away from his corpse the black cloud will spread from it shortly , pop a fresh Orb, kill adds and faceroll the Cycloner. Use the Staunching flask to avoid getting bled. Atziri will randomly use: Always ignites but you are immune to ignite with Cyclopean Coil. Killing any statue makes them all die, and Atziri re-appears in the center of the room.

At random times during the encounter, Atziri goes into the bubble in the center of the room for 30 sec, and slow moving adds spawn at the edges of the room and walk towards Atziri. If they reach Atziri, she absorbs them and heals herself. Unlike most other bosses, you cannot cull Atziri until she finishes all 3 Statue phases. Replace Herald of Ash with Purity of Fire. Enter the room, move forward to the next floor tile it's just outside of the boss trigger radius and pre-cast Icestorms on Atziri for 6 sec. Cast Orb of Storms and move forward to start the fight.

Stop, cast Icestorm on Atziri and act depending on what she chooses to do: You can also bring a Quicksilver flask instead of one of the Rubies. When the last of the adds are about to reach you, hit Atziri with Vigilant Strike to get Fortify, cast Orb of Storms, pop a Ruby flask and keep casting Icestorms. Target any statue and cast Icestorm on it as it fades in. You need maximum damage to kill the statue quickly. Do not move AA and Tukohama only work when not moving.

You may eat the Flameblast and Spear Throw, but as long as you are stationary you'll be fine. If they do finish casting, after sec you need to move to dodge the Stormcalls, if there are any on you. They may be a bit hard to see at first with the Icestorm ground, but it's easy to get used to looking for the red circles there. Video Hall of Grandmasters is a PvP map. There are 4 wings. Each wing contains 10 waves of 5 Grandmasters AI-controlled copies of player characters. Each of the first 9 waves starts inactive behind a force field that's removed when you get near it.

The 10th wave is immediately active and located on an elevated platform for tactical advantage. This build is not designed for PvP, but it can clear this map. However, you will need to use different flasks, patheon powers, swap some gems, and bring a special swap weapon. There are two types of Grandmasters particularly dangerous to this build: Max block with massive CWDT retaliation. This neutralizes the crit-based enemies and most of the super nasty stuff they do.

Slowing the enemies as much as possible is the best defense against them. Crit Lightning Arrow Inquisitor with mirror gear. He spawns exclusively in the 9th wave of the first wing on the right. He should die to the pre-cast Icestorms.

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But if he manages to survive, you will need to advance very carefully and kill him off-screen. Stay away from the Frost Walls that he pops on you, LA hits harder near walls. Solaris neutralizes most of DanziGG's crits, but he can still do insane amounts of damage. They only differ in how much defense they sacrifice for offense. The 'pure gubben' ones have no offense whatsoever but are virtually unkillable with hit damage. Others have some offense going on while still managing very high block chance.

Fall back, stop casting Icestorm, get away from any residual Icestorms, swap to the pure SR weapon and fry them. Just kill with the regular mapping setup. He teleports around, chase him. He uses Shock Nova that deals more damage on the outside than on the inside, stay near Esh. He spawns lightning balls that move away from him and back to him. Don't stand near those.

[3.4] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice CI Elequisitor - Viable For Everything

He does a cold version of Incinerate, don't stand in it. Use Quicksilver flasks for speed and Sulphur for damage my recommended mapping flasks work well here; see Flasks. Don't stop for longer than it takes to cast Icestorm on each pack. Leave all loot to pick up after you are done. Don't chase any stragglers or rares.

Do Uul-Netol first, probably more than once, before you try Chayula. Once you are able to keep Uul-Netol's timer above 30 sec, then you are ready for Chayula. The bosses are pushovers and die easily. It's all about clearing the trash fast enough. Each guardian uses the same abilities, but they have 3 different arenas each, chosen at random, and those arenas have different environmental hazards. Their damage scales with the map tier where they spawn. Purifier Deals physical damage and summons animated weapons similar to Daresso's.

Nothing serious as long as you get near him quickly. In high tiers use Basalt flask to be more safe. After he dies, get away from the animated weapons, they continue to deal damage for a few sec. Enslaver Deals physical and fire damage. Some of his ranged attacks can be dangerous, make sure to get near him quickly.

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Constrictor Deals physical and poison damage, applies slowing debuffs. Constantly moves to and away from the player. Stand still and use Spell Cascade instead of CE. Ignore everything he does and keep casting Icestorm to cover the space between you and him. Eradicator Deals pure lightning damage and has an invulnerability phase.

The arenas also deal lightning damage. This is the only dangerous Guardian, because of the invulnerability. He turns into a ball and roams around while continuing to do some attacks and spawning adds, and the room mechanics keep going on. Kill the adds and dodge the room hazards while this is going on. Cast Icestorm on him when he's attackable. Video The Elder has several attacks: Salvo of 'ice shard' projectiles dealing considerable cold damage.

These can shotgun and freeze you. Used only at range. Summon tentacles that do AoE physical hits around them. Expanding 'Circle of Doom' that deals massive physical damage after 10 sec, with a safe zone at its center. Targets your position at the end of the 'snowflakes' animation. After several seconds, the Shaper appears behind the Elder and hits him, ending the animation.

Adds spawn around the room every N seconds. Some of them big octopuses drop gray patches of physical degen if they live long enough. The fight has 3 phases: The Elder is free to move and use his attacks at random. The Elder is bound in the middle of the arena.

The Shaper moves between the 4 sides of the room, staying at each side for 35 sec. Null Portals spawn and produce adds that attack the player and the Shaper. This phase ends when the Shaper completes his animations, or when the adds kill the Shaper. If you don't let the adds kill the Shaper, the Elder remains bound and can only summon the tentacles and do the Circle of Doom.

Otherwise the Elder regains full freedom. You have to kill the Elder. If you don't fail to protect the Shaper in the second phase, Zana appears in the room and pops her red protective bubble. The Elder explodes and extra loot drops, including a chance of the Watcher's Eye. Get near the Elder and facetank him while casting Icestorm. If he does the Snowflakes animation, use the Sapphire flask. After the Siphon and Petrification, the 2nd phase will begin. If you have the swap staff with Spell Cascade, switch to it for the portal phase to kill adds and portals faster, otherwise just kill them the best you can with the boss staff.

In the 3rd phase, switch back to the boss staff and finish off the Elder. Move to the safe area inside the Circle of Doom. When he reaches 0 life, move to Zana. Video In this encounter you fight against the Elder and the Shaper at the same time. They use the same abilities as in their solo fights and exchange invulnerability with every phase. The Shaper keeps randomly teleporting between the 4 ends of the X-shaped arena and using his ranged attacks - this is the single most difficult aspect of the battle.

Shaper 'balls of ice' spawn and chase you, turning into Vortexes on the ground if they touch you. Elder adds spawn and drop patches of decay physical degen if they live long enough. There are 10 phases: Invulnerable Elder gray aura , vulnerable Shaper. Invulnerable Shaper purple aura , vulnerable Elder. Inactive Elder, invulnerable Shaper, 4 Null Portals spawn in the upper half of the room and produce adds. Fixed duration, about 30 sec. Invulnerable Elder, vulnerable Shaper. Invulnerable Shaper, vulnerable Elder. Inactive Shaper, invulnerable Elder.

A Shaper portal spawns above the center of the room and produces adds. Both bosses are vulnerable, but the Elder cannot be killed while the Shaper is still alive. Kill the Shaper first, then the Elder. After P6 he starts to also use Teleport Slam, but only when he is not invulnerable. The Elder uses only the projectile attacks and melee hits while he is invulnerable. Posted by cloudblade70 on Mar 2, , Just for clarification maybe i'm wrong, not sure if it was changed, but in past was so - i'm not sure that you can group fire penetration and "lowering resistance of the enemy" as one thing.

Penetration is always active and do its job, while lowering resistance can be useless if enemy have more resistance than capped. But damage calculation will be somewhat different. Results will be that lowering res from SR will not play any role at all, but penetration will play it's role regardless of how much over the cap resistance enemy have. Posted by Med1umentor on Mar 2, , Posted by PLWonder on Mar 2, , Posted by Kelvynn on Mar 2, , Report Forum Post Report Account: Forum Index Code of Conduct Search.

Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Offense Spoiler The Whispering Ice grants you a unique skill - Icestorm - that scales with your Intelligence stat and uses any support gems in the staff without the need to link them a free 7-link. The initial cold damage is converted to fire. This lets us take advantage of Herald of Ash and both Fire and Cold damage modifiers, which makes it easier to find good jewels and takes fewer tree nodes to achieve good DPS.

Utility Spoiler This build does not rely on flasks and can take advantage of any flasks you want to bring to the particular situation for the best performance. Bandits Spoiler Kill them all None of the bandit rewards are worth 2 skill points for this build. Gear Spoiler Mandatory uniques Spoiler The build is based on this item. Keep in mind that rolling 6S manually with jeweller orbs requires ilvl 50 or higher. Vorici lv 6 can force 6 sockets on any ilvl staff. Only one link is required in the staff Scorching Ray - CwC.

Icestorm automatically uses all support gems in the staff without the need to link them. Always 20q your staff before attempting to 6S it. Quality improves your roll by a lot. You can do it a lot cheaper than Vorici with average luck, as long as it's 20q. Recommended uniques Spoiler Astramentis solves all stat requirement issues and provides a huge amount of damage via its high Intelligence which is also boosted by the staff and belt.

The implicit mod can be easily rolled to 16 with a few Blessed Orbs.

A low explicit roll below 90 can be turned into a high roll over 90 with a Divine orb or two. Some Talismans or Shaped amulets can do better but they are very rare and expensive. Cyclopean Coil provides a lot of Int while making you immune to shock and ignite your stats will normally end up in this hierarchy: Gloves, boots, helmet, chest Spoiler Use rares.

This is a DPS option. You gain a bit of damage at the price of some ES.